Perpetual globetrotter. Most images are my own, captured on my heavenly travels. Hover over the image for captions. I hope you enjoy xo
Love: car detailing while you shop…
Mayfair (of course!), London, UK
Love: nature’s beauty
Dreaming of a beach to roam in search of  conch shells
The Bahamas

Where did you find all those vinyls I love them

Apologies. I am not sure what you are referring to xo

Love: a powder room styled with feminine accoutrements
5 Hertford Street, Private Members’ Establishment, London, UK
Love: all the little Summer lights
Positano, Italy
Dream: that all stairways should lead to a beautiful view
Villa Tre Ville, Positano, Italy
Love: a store filled with French trimmings
The mercerie (haberdashery), Paris, France
Dreaming: of Paris red
Paris, France
Love: when the whole family is into the street style thang!
Soho, New York, USA

I can't believe these are your own photos! I hope to travel, like you, later on in my life.

I can’t believe they are either! I never imagined I would visit all the beautiful places I have. Your footprints will be with mine if you chase your dream. Do it when you are able xo

Love: snow days
Aspen, Colorado, USA

How come you travel so much? Do u go to school?

Because I have the bug. Many moons ago xo

I followed you, I’ll be looking out for more of your photos! xx

That’s lovely! Merci xo

Dream: Spring blooms bursting from window boxes… in Paris
Paris, France
Love: French flower power on wheels
Paris, France